AVA Xmas 2015 Meeting at Queen Mary University of London

21 Dec 2015 archived

Meeting report

A short report of this meeting was written by AVA committee member Craig Aaen-Stockdale and published in the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) visual ergonomics newsletter in April 2016. The report is included here:

Meeting Report: AVA Xmas Meeting 2015

The AVA (formerly the Applied Vision Association) is a UK-based charity that aims to advance, promote, develop and improve the study, knowledge and application of the visual sciences. The Association does this primarily through organizing regular scientific meetings (usually two per year) and making various financial awards including travel bursaries to young vision scientists. The Association celebrated twenty years of Christmas Meetings in December 2015 with a one-day meeting held in the delightful setting of the People’s Palace Building at Queen Mary University of London. This year's keynote talks included Peter Neri (Ecole Normale Superieure) discussing image reconstruction from natural scenes, and Denis Pelli (New York University) discussing how machine learning is being used to inform models of object recognition.

Topics discussed included the role of eye movements and early cortical responses in the subjective discomfort caused by ‘visually uncomfortable’ stimuli (O’Hare), the enhancement of contrast sensitivity after playing computer games (Mikailionyte et al),  and yet more empirical data suggesting that the segregation of perception and action in the brain has been overstated (Cesanek et al).

Abstracts for all previous meetings, calls for future meetings and details regarding membership can be found at http://theava.net/.

Craig Aaen-Stockdale, PhD

AVA Committee

Details of meeting

We will be celebrating twenty years of AVA (Applied Vision Association) Christmas Meetings with a Meeting in London on Monday 21st of December.

This is a one-day meeting to be held in the People’s Palace Building at Queen Mary University of London. This year's keynote talks will be:

Laura Busse (Tubingen University) "Contextual modulation of information processing in the mouse early visual system”

Peter Neri (Ecole Normale Superieure) "Object segmentation controls image reconstruction from natural scenes"

Denis Pelli (New York University) "Converging on a computational model of object recognition: psychophysics and machine learning."

Meeting Programme


Map of venue

Abstracts (max length: 250 words) should be submitted by Wednesday November 25th at 5pm (revised & final deadline).
Abstracts will be peer-reviewed & published in the journal Perception (so long as presenting authors attend the meeting) and should cover previously unreported research on any aspect of vision in humans, animals and machines. Abstracts must be in the standard format for ECVP/Perception, examples can be seen at: http://www.perceptionweb.com/P.html References should be given in the body of the abstract in full, but without the title. e.g. (Rayner et al, 2001, Vis Res, 41, 943-954) Unless otherwise stated (at the end of the abstract), it will be assumed that the first author will be the presenting author.

Note that no copyright agreement needs to be signed, but it is the authors responsibility to disclose or sort out any conflict of interest or the clearing of any copyright issues that might arise.

Please submit your abstract online:
Speakers should use their own laptop or bring a powerpoint presentation on a memory stick.
The organizers will try to accommodate preferences for a talk or poster but the number of submissions that this meeting now attracts means that this is not always possible.

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