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Registration of 3D Point Clouds and Meshes : A Survey From Rigid to Non-Rigid
Gary Tam
Taking the energy out of motion
Linda Bowns
Bayes, eye movements and human motion perception
Tom C A Freeman, Rebecca A Champion, Paul A Warren, Jonathon R Davies
Human perception and its role in display and graphics evaluation.
Marina Bloj
Blinded by the Light: Glare, Blue-Light Filtering & Driving
Rob Gray
The use of point-light animations and fMRI to investigate perceptual biases in interpreting emotional states in people with unipolar depression.
Madeleine Grealy
Decisions about time: when cognition is as good as perception
Andreas Jarvstad, Simon K. Rushton, Ulrike Hahn, Paul A. Warren
Learning shapes human brain patterns for visual recognition in cluttered scenes
Zoe Kourtzi, Shuguang Kuai, Jiaxiang Zhang, Stephen D Mayhew
Computer modelling of human navigational errors
Lyndsey Clare Pickup, Andrew Glennerster
Preventing spatial disorientation in pilots using peripheral visual cues
Cassandra Rogers, Simon Rushton, Paul Warren
The use of egocentric direction and optic flow in the visual guidance of walking
Simon K Rushton, Tracey A Herlihey, Robert S Allison
A visual-cortex based model of the human ability to perceive differences in natural scenes
David Tolhurst, Tom Troscianko
Estimation and compensation for external visual uncertainty in motion extrapolation
Paul A Warren, Erich W Graf, Rebecca A Champion, Laurence T Maloney
Stereoscopic displays without the headaches: why focus cues matter and what to do about them
Simon Watt, Kevin MacKenzie
Seeing in 3D – human psychophysics, modelling and brain imaging
Andrew Welchman, Alex Muryy, Hiroshi Ban, Roland Fleming
Studying difficulty metrics for humans in natural scene search tasks
Matthew Asher
Mapping and Manipulating Facial Dynamics
Andrew J Aubrey, Vedran Kajic, Ivana Cingovska, Paul L Rosin, David Marshall
Colour perception across the visual field: no mastery of sensorimotor contingencies
Aline Bompas, Georgie Powell, Petroc Sumner
An Empirical Evaluation of Real-time Dense Stereo within the Automotive Environment
Toby Peter Breckon, Filip Mroz
Sketch based Visual Search of Multimedia
John Collomosse, Rui Hu
Analysing Engineering Design Using Computer Vision, Cognitive Psychology and Machine Learning
Ioannis Kaloskampis, Yulia A Hicks, David Marshall
Video Image Registration Using A Concatenative Approach
Wenbin Li, Darren Cosker
Archive Film Defect Detection and Removal: an Automatic Restoration Framework
Majid Mirmehdi
Basic Image Feature Columns for Texture and Shape Recognition
Andrew J Newell, Lewis D Griffin
Visualisation of Maxillofacial Musculature
Greg Parker
Example-Based Dynamic Range Reduction
Tania Pouli, Erik Reinhard
Facial analysis for deception detection
Bashar A Rajoub, Moi Hoon Yap, Doherty Victoria, hassan ugail, Reyer Zwiggelaar
Bridging the Gap between Text and Images in Object Recognition: Man vs. Machine
Josiah Wang, Katja Markert, Mark Everingham
Does childrens' artwork have anything to teach Computer Vision?
Peter Hall
Unwrap Mosaic: A layered representation for nonrigid 3D objects
Andrew Fitzgibbon
Synthetic 3-D Facial Motion Capture From 2-D Video Sequences
Rui Tang, Darren Cosker

Poster (Perception abstract)

Individual differences in response processing predicted by regional GABA biochemistry: from basic visuomotor control to behavioral inhibition
Frederic Boy
The influence of social and symbolic cues on observers’ gaze behavior
Frouke Hermens, Robin Walker
Luminance overrules colour information about edge locations
Rebecca J Sharman, Paul V McGraw, Jonathan W Peirce
How deceptive football moves bias spatial attention
Michael Wright
Optimal Filters in Human Edge Perception
William McIlhagga
Using texture cues to separate illumination and reflectance changes in human and machine vision.
Andrew John Schofield, Xiaoyue Jiang, Peng Sun, Mark Georgeson, Jeremy L Wyatt
Interocular phase difference does affect perceived contrast
Daniel H Baker, Stuart A Wallis, Mark A Georgeson, Tim S Meese
A Biologically Inspired Object Detection System Using Current Models of Function in the Primate Retina and Visual Cortex
Anna-Louise Ellis, James Ferryman
V4-like filters applied to the detection of retinal vascular bifurcations
George Azzopardi, Nicolai Petkov
The psychometric function in spatiotemporal contrast vision: slope constancy, stimulus generality and non-stationarity
Stuart Wallis, Daniel Baker, Tim Meese, Mark Georgeson
The curvature-polarity selectivity of detectors for simple curves
Sarah Hancock, Jonathan W Peirce
Interactions Between Optokinetic Nystagmus and Saccades
James John Harrison, Tom C.A. Freeman, Petroc Sumner
Eigen-Adaptation, Implicit Priors and Direction Repulsion in Motion Perception
Keith Langley, Stephen J Anderson
A model for global motion transparency and motion segmentation
Andrew Isaac Meso, Johannes M Zanker, Szonya Durant
A Biologically Inspired Bayesian Model of Local 3D Velocity Estimation
Hongfang Wang, Martin Lages
The effects of aging on attentional modulation during temporal discrimination.
Natalie Kelly, Harriet Allen
An avatar for all populations: Dynamic facial mimicry from computer vision to visual psychology
Harry John Griffin, Peter William McOwan, Alan Johnston
Object recognition by hyperspectral ratio indexing
Nsikak Ekpenyong, David H Foster
The framing of the hue: luminance contours modulate afterimage intensity
Georgie Powell, Aline Bompas, Petroc Sumner
Threat Detection in 3D CT Baggage Imagery
Greg Flitton, Toby P. Breckon, Najla Megherbi
Categorisation Performance using V1 Spatial cRF Simulations
Ioannis Alexiou, Anil Anthony Bharath, Zeynep Engin
How Mesoscale and Microscale Roughness Affect Perceived Gloss
Lin Qi, Mike J. Chantler, J.Paul Siebert, Junyu Dong
Evolving the face of a criminal
Charlie David Frowd, Nicole Miller, Peter J.B. Hancock
Image In-Painting for the Study of Camouflage
David Gibson, Neill Campbell, Innes Cuthill, Tom Troscianko
Visual Attention-based Approach for Prediction of Abnormalities in CCTV Video Surveillance
Ardhendu Behera, David C. Hogg, Christina J. Howard, Iain D. Gilchrist, Tom Troscianko
Texture Browsing Environments
Fraser Halley, Mike Chantler
Applications of Computer Vision in Facial Perception Research
Bernard Tiddeman, David Hunter, Wenda He, David Perrett
Optic flow parsing with sparse and noisy flow fields
Andrew John Foulkes, Simon K Rushton, Paul A Warren
Does Highlight Disparity Improve Perception of Gloss on Rough Surfaces?
Thomas S Methven, Mike J Chantler
Extensive physiological summation of contrast signals over area revealed by Witch’s Hat compensation for retinal inhomogeneity
Alex S. Baldwin, Tim S. Meese, Daniel H. Baker
Shady places: Refining robot perception and egolocation using a knowledge-based shadow model
Hannah M Dee, Paulo E. Santos, Valquiria Fenelon
Manipulating dynamic natural scenes to measure optic flow detection performance
Szonya Durant, Marika Kulesza, Joan Mhiza, Thomas Amarnani
Models of Visually Guided Routes in Ants: On-line learning of holistic route encodings
Bart Baddeley, Andrew Philippides, Paul Graham, Philip Husbands
Are single images sufficient to communicate qualities of texture-rich products?
Pawel Orzechowski, Stefano Padilla, Douglas Atkinson, Sharon Baurley, Mike Chantler
Visualising and grading the continuity of epithelial structures of colonic polyps.
Duane Carey, Neil Shepherd, Catherine Kendall, Nick Stone, Toby Breckon
Merging Super-Pixels Using an Expectation-Maximisation Procedure
Cyril Stephane Charron, Yulia Hicks
Annotated Sketches for Intuitive Video Retrieval
Stuart James, John Collomosse
Multi-Channel Spectral-temporal-spatial Derivatives for Motion Estimation
Yijun Xiao, Alan Johnston, Peter McOwan
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